How do I get muscular arms?

Almost all men long for muscular arms. But how do you get those thick steel cables?

Triceps are important

You do not get those bigger arms just by doing bicep curls. The size of your biceps is largely determined by the triceps. If you have strong and large triceps, your arms will automatically become thicker. So train your biceps and triceps!

Change of schedule

For your arms to grow, it is important to give your muscles a good training stimulus. This can be done by increasing the load and getting a little heavier to train. Another option is to do some other exercises once in a while so that you address all the heads of the biceps and triceps. Alternation can for example be made by playing the rest period between the series, the training volume, the intensity, the exercises and the training frequency. By increasing the training load and / or regularly changing schedule and exercises, you give the muscles an incentive to grow even faster.

I advise beginners to first stick to the basic schedule and especially to increase the load. Do not change too much of schedule at the beginning, but focus primarily on developing more muscle strength and better coordination. For example, train your biceps and triceps once a week.
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Have you been training for a bit longer? Try for example a so-called pyramid training system or supersets! Are your arms really behind? Then pick up your biceps and triceps twice a week.

Focus and form are essential

A good training technique (form) is not only important to prevent injuries, but also to ensure that you address the muscles as well as possible. When you train with a bad technique, you often compensate with other muscles. If you do the dumbbell curl, you still want to train the biceps completely instead of cheating by throwing your back in it. You often see this in athletes who are furiously swinging with overly heavy dumbbells and using many other unnecessary muscles.
A good focus can help to execute the exercise in the right way. Therefore, do not try to think too much about other things, but to focus your thoughts completely on the tightening of the muscles. Research also shows that thinking of your muscles (mind-muscle connection) is possible.
Sometimes it can even help to close your eyes and really think of the muscle you train.

Do not train too often

Do not dive into the gym every day to train your arms. These small muscles also need rest. I would not train your biceps and triceps individually more than twice a week. You do not have to exhaust the muscles endlessly. In addition to your normal strength training, you can follow the following guidelines if you really want to focus on your arms:
  • Biceps: 14-20 sets
  • Triceps: 10-14 sets

Also, train other large muscle groups

Focus not only on the arms but also emphasize the large muscle groups. If you train the chest or back muscles, you also automatically take your arms along in the movement.
For example, you can use a small grip when using bench presses. This way you put even more weight on the biceps and triceps.

Plan a 'poor day'

If your priority is on larger arms, it can be useful to schedule a separate day of the poor. On this day, for example, you only train your biceps and triceps. Keep in mind that you have enough rest between a back biceps chest tricep workout and a day of the arm. You do not want to have muscle pain in your arms on a back day so you can not do proper back training.

An example scheme for a 'poor day'


  • Dip - possibly with weight (3 x 8)
  • Triceps pushdown (3 x 8)


  • Hammer curl (3 x 8)
  • Concentration curl (3 x 8)

Nutrition is important

To grow it is important that you eat extra. The basis for this is a healthy, varied and high- protein dietDo you want to get started with your own diet plan? 

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